Monthly Archive: May 2013

Where have you BEEN?

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. My life, like the lives of all 20-something year olds in professional school, has been one crazy thing after another.

First, in February, I competed in my first powerlifting competition! During which I set 4 state records and came in as the second female overall, barely losing to the overall female by 2 points.

Second, I finished my second year of veterinary school. The last month (well, weeks really) marked a lot of huge changes in my life. I lost a classmate and friend during finals week and found myself single for the first time in two years. These two events together made me realize that life is too short and too beautiful for negativity. Instead of being angry at how I was treated, I decided to use that energy for positivity. That brings me to…

Third, I competed in powerlifting AGAIN and smashed my previous lift numbers in April. I set 4 more state records and made a lot of friends. Around this time I decided to try something new. I do love powerlifting, but I’ve always wanted to step on stage in a bikini and show off all my hard work. So, you guessed it…

Fourth – I’m competing in figure! My competition is mid August and I’ve been working with a coach for my nutrition, while still doing some serious powerlifting for my workouts. I know I’ll return to powerlifting (I miss Poptarts and cake daily) but for now this a fun foray into an aspect of fitness I’ve never experienced before.

This summer I’m working at an emergency clinic to get some more experience before I start clinical rotations in July. Look for more content this summer, from articles on fasted cardio to check ins as I embark on my first figure competition. Yes, this is a science blog, but first and foremost it’s my blog. Get ready to see my face a lot!