Monthly Archive: February 2015

Technology Update

Hey all!

I get asked from time to time about which apps, fitness products, etc. I’m currently using. I’m not an endorser by any means (you know, those people who show pictures of them with “cleansing” tea like it gave them a six pack) but if I believe in a product I’m going to talk about it. Today I’ll show you “One of Each” – my favorite meal planning app, my favorite headphones and my favorite fitness tracking device.

Fitness Tracker: Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker, Black

polarloopI’ve had my Polar Loop since about October and I’m pretty content with it. Polar has long been my favorite heart rate monitor, and I’ve used them for a few years now to track the intensity of my workouts. The Loop is a little more integrated – you have a heart rate monitor you wear during exercise to give a more accurate total of calories burned/etc. during your workout vs. your day.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.11.55 AMThe Polar Flow diary is pretty sweet too, because you can see how much time you spent in each zone with your workout. Previously my Polar watches only gave little synopses on the watch itself. This is a full program. The battery life is great and charging is easy.

The downside? I don’t think the steps counted are accurate. I can work an entire emergency shift on my feet (10-12 hours) and barely clock a few hundred steps. I also dislike the lack of community that I found with my FitBit. It’s also hard to synch with my phone, and the sleep tracker is seriously lacking. Until something better comes along this is my current go-to to make sure I don’t sit around all day on my rest days and I love the interaction with my heart rate device for workouts.

Food Tracker: MyMacros+


I’d heard about this app before but due to my long history (like 3+ years) with MyFitnessPal I was slow to convert. However, I soon found that MyMacros+ had everything I wanted from MFP. With MFP there’s a HUGE focus around calories, and trying to figure out your macros is hard to do. You have to click a few extra buttons rather than have it all there and ready for you. Additionally, unless you download an extension for your browser, macros aren’t the emphasis for MFP. You have to calculate your calories and hope your macros fall into an even percentage distribution that works in increments of 5%. Super annoying.

My Macros allows for customization of you macros with calories as more of a side note. For someone who tracked calories (in an unhealthy way) for so long, it’s great to see them so small and insignificant. You can save meals, add items quickly, etc. The database is seriously lacking (if you type in “Frozen Green Beans” like nothing comes up) and some of it is clunky, but I’m sure with increased usage this will get fixed. Overall, I like it much better than MFP. Also, you can save “meals,” so if you’re like me and eat the same thing every day it’s really, really useful.

Headphones: Powerbeats2 Wireless, Active Collection – Blue

pDSP1-18892058p275wThe Powerbeats2 are pricey ($199) but I got them for my birthday, so there’s that. I’ve long been on the hunt for good wireless headphones that don’t make me look like I have something growing on my head. Wireless has become my friend for a long time, especially because the lack of wires all in my face and down my shirt are priceless for powerlifting. I don’t know how I used wired headphones before.

HOWEVER I hate those ear bud type. I tried quite a few brands (Jaybird, etc.) and they all fell out of my ear. I just wanted something to go around my ear and hold it in place! Why was that so hard to find?! Most of the things I found were like Geordi from Star Trek’s visor. They hurt my ears, they pinched in the wrong places, and I hated them. My Motorolla’s I’d had for years stopped charging, so I was moving on.

Thankfully these babies are about 90% what I need. The battery life is horrible (6 hours) and they can be cumbersome with that hangy-cord crap. I find that making a small loop and putting it over my pony tail keeps it in the right position. Overall, I’m pretty happy with these and glad they’re in my arsenal!

What have you guys been using?